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VS Solar Service is providing a dedicated Solar Permitting Company for your city permitting needs. Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, our wide array of services can help you save time and money and get your permit as quickly as possible. We provide permitting packages nationwide.

Our Mission is to provide high-quality solar designs that help our clients get through the fast permitting process and useful information to navigate the process.

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Our Services Inculdes

  • Cover sheets

    Cover sheets

  • Site plan

    Site plan

  • Roof plane

    Roof plane

  • String layout and bill of material

    String layout and bill of material

  • Single line and three line diagrams

    Single line and three line diagrams

  • Equipment specifications and calculations

    Equipment specifications and calculations

  • Attachment detail

    Attachment detail

  • Signage (PV safety label Location)

    Signage (PV safety label Location)

  • Equipment data sheet

    Equipment data sheet